Boise Valley Workforce

With our affordable cost of living and extraordinary quality of life, the Boise Valley has been able to lure and retain some of the country’s most highly trained workers. After nearly a decade of dramatic and exciting growth, the region today is home to a skilled workforce of 279,500 individuals, almost 110,000 of whom possess college degrees across a diverse range of disciplines.

  • Total Population in the Boise/Nampa MSA: 660,465 (EMSI Estimate 2014)
  • Workforce within a 45-minute draw area: 330,000
  • Average Age: 33.1
  • Quality of workforce—stable, enthusiastic, loyal
  • Average Commute Time: 18 minutes
  • More patents are generated per capita in the Boise Valley than any other region in the country

Additionally, the Boise Valley offers workforce training funds for qualified companies expanding or relocating in Idaho. For more information on Idaho’s Workforce Development Training Program, including eligibility requirements, click here.

Mark Warner, Vice President and General Manager
Motive Power

“You can rely on the folks that you would hire locally to help in the success of your company. Our experience here is that the people here are very reliable and hardworking.  We have very low turnover. They really care about the work they do and we’re able to find most of them from within the area.”   Read on.>>

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