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Anthony Doerr
Pulitzer Prize Winner and Local Author of The Shell Collector , About Grace, Four Seasons in Rome , Memory Wall and, most recently, All the Light We Cannot See.

"I live here because I can ride my bike to friends' houses just like I did when I was 10 years old, because I can float on a mostly clean river through the center of town and look up and see people working on their computers in office buildings. I live here because I can eat a $5 lunch at Zeppole, as I did for about 400 afternoons straight while I was writing my first novel, and because every time I think I'm running quickly along the trails in the foothills, someone is always there to blow past me and make me feel like I'm not in such good shape after all. I live here because I can get in a car and head in any direction and within an hour find myself in something pretty close to wilderness, and because of the archipelagoes of clouds that float over the hills in late summer, each one a towering, big-shouldered miracle.AnthonyDoerr.jpg

Boise is still so young and new—changing almost every day—and I don't think it's overstatement to suggest that our town represents everything that remains great about America: potential, youth, natural beauty, quality of life. Some 100 parks, 14 museums, playgrounds everywhere you turn: our skies are huge; our houses affordable. Hikers can still drink from a secret spring in the hills; paddlers can still go kayaking in the morning and meet with their accountants by noon. When we visit friends who live elsewhere, they ask, "Boise? Really? Why do you live there?" But when friends visit us, they say, "Oh, wow, now I see."  --excerpt from an essay written by Anthony Doerr for the Smithsonian.  Click here to read on >>

Ryan Woodings, Founder and Chief Geek, Metageek
Ryan Woodings
"Boise is large enough to have quite a lot going on in arts, culture, and business while being small enough that I'm able to be an active member of the community and have an impact on its future.

I'm involved in a handful of tech/entrepreneurial groups, but I'm also actively involved with the Boise Philharmonic and my wife is the president of our neighborhood association."

Bill Whitacre, President and CEO, J.R. Simplot Corporation 
“The opportunity to ski in the morning and play golf in the afternoon is pretty amazing.  The opportunity just within an hour of my home to hit some of the most beautiful places in the western United States is tremendous.  People just don’t understand until they’ve experienced it.  Once you’ve experienced it, it gets in your blood—it’ll be part of me forever."  Read on.>>

Mark Warner, Vice President and General Manager, Motive Power
“I find the lifestyle here very attractive.  I like the outdoors.  I like the fact that we have 220 sunny days a year.  I like to snow ski.  I work in a corporation with 6,000 employees.  They visit here all the time.  The common theme when they visit is, ‘What a great place to live.’” Read on.>>

Dennis Johnson, CEO and President, United Heritage Financial Group
“We like to talk about quality of life here.  But I’m not just talking about great mountain biking or skiing or hiking or fly fishing opportunities you have here—all of which exist.  It has to do with how much time you’re going to be spending in traffic.  It has to do with the weather and how much time you’ll get to spend outdoors.  The Boise Valley has great transportation, great governmental services, great private industry, great shopping, great schools—they all contribute to the great quality of life here.  It’s not just the recreational opportunities.  Read on.>>

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