Boise Valley Climate

If you like sunshine, you'll love the Boise Valley.  With an average of 220 sunny days, low humidity and just 12.1 inches of precipitation, the climate here is ideal for spending time outside.  Summers are characterized by hot days and cool evenings while the winters are relatively mild.  The adjacent foothills receive plenty of snow (note the ski resort just 16 miles from downtown), but snow rarely covers the floor of the valley for more than a couple of days at a time.

Weather in the Boise Valley is influenced by Pacific weather patterns, which helps moderate temperature extremes.  Idaho’s growing season varies from about 200 days near the city of Lewiston (northwest of the Boise Valley, on the Washington state border) to a very brief growing season at high altitudes. Obviously, the Boise Valley has no hurricanes, and tornadoes and hail storms are extremely rare. Climate averages for the region are as follows:

Boise, ID
Elevation: 2,840 ft.
Annual Mean Precipitation: 12.1 in.
Mean Snowfall: 21.3 in.
July Avg. High Temp.: 90.2F
January Avg. Low Temp.: 21.6F
July Avg. Afternoon Humidity: 22%

Dennis Johnson, CEO and President
United Heritage Financial Group

One of the key about this area is the sunshine.  This a place where you get four season and you get sunshine in all of them."  Read on.>>

 Want to see what it is like to live here?  Watch the two minute overview below:









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