Boise in top 20 cities leading the new economy: Brookings MetroMonitor


Boise was listed as one of the fastest recovering metro regions in the US and is described by a recent article in the Atlantic as one of the top 20 cities leading the new economy.

See below for an excerpt of the article, and click here to see the release by MetroMonitor.

From MetroMonitor -- a Brookings barometer of the fastest-recovering cities by growth, employment and housing prices -- here's a look at the strongest (BLUE) and weakest (RED) cities in December 2009 and then in December 2011. Watch as the blue dots move from the Great Plains and state capitals toward knowledge capitals in the West, manufacturing strongholds in the Great Lakes region, and natural resource hubs throughout the country. Today, the top 20 are led by newly resurgent metros: Grand Rapids, Boise City, Nashville, New Orleans, Phoenix, Portland, San Jose, and Toledo. All of the hold-overs from 2009 are either in Texas or Oklahoma: Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Oklahoma City. Rounding out the 20 fastest-recovering metros are: Bakersfield, Ca., Cape Coral, Fl., Charleston, Ogden, Ut., Worcester, Ma., and Youngstown.*


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