BSU Featured: The Business of Creativity

5/23/2013 released a feature on "The Business of Creativity" yesterday.  Below is an excerpt highlighting Boise State University:

Full article available:

Schools and Courses Helping to Mold Creative Business Professionals
Business schools across the nation have recognized the need for creativity and several have designed courses and programs to help cultivate more creative business graduates.

The Centre for Creativity and Innovation (CCI) in Boise State University’s College of Business and Economics serves as a catalyst for creative collaboration.

“We work with thought leaders of learning organizations who want to achieve high performance and use creativity to produce results,” said CCI executive director Nancy Napier. “These thought leaders reject complacency and strive to outthink, out-innovate, and outperform their peers and competitors.”

Napier said the goal of the CCI is to help the region become known as one where individuals, organizations, and communities do things differently and improve continually. Work-study and graduate assistants who work for the CCI as well as students who volunteer are exposed to top leaders in the region, attend workshops, and help with research and the publishing process.

“Leaders need the ability to create and implement an organizational culture that encourages the idea of doing things differently to get better — that’s the essence of creativity,” Napier said. “If the leaders don’t believe and practice a routine of doing things differently, others won’t. Doing things differently does not always mean inventing the new iPhone. The changes can be big or small.”

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