America's Best French Fries


Idaho typically catches the spotlight for the best potatoes, but recently the media has gone one step further to name a restaurant in Boise as having America's Best French Fries.  In an article published by US News TravelBoise Fry Company takes 1st place.  Boise Fry Company also received recognition as one of "America's Best" on Food Network in 2010.

Below is the except about Boise:

Boise Fry Company
Boise, Idaho

This list wouldn't be complete without calling out classic and unconventional varieties found in the Potato State. And one Boise, Idaho, eatery pays tribute to the state's choice crop with a menu devoted to french fries. Boise Fry Company serves up more than 100,000 dippin'-ready combinations. Choose from six different types of potatoes, five varieties of cuts and a long list of signature sauces and seasonings. All ingredients used are organic and locally sourced (whenever possible or feasible), while every potato goes through a 30-minute-long prepping process before being dropped in peanut oil that does not contain any preservatives or trans fats. Dunk a crispy sweet potato shoestring into blueberry ketchup, or dip a homestyle purple fry in zesty chipotle aioli. (If you're extra hungry, pair your potatoes with a well-crafted burger.)

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