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What’s your edge?

Three years ago, Idaho bolstered our answer to that question with the creation of the Tax Reimbursement Incentive – to benefit companies that create and grow high-wage jobs and meaningful contributions in our communities. It has proved a critical factor for more than 16 companies that have relocated or expanded here.

Today, there’s another critical factor brought up in every conversation we have with companies assessing the Boise Valley – what’s your talent edge? We have a dynamic and tangible answer to that as well.

With the speed of thumbs you can find out the hard numbers about any community – our community – on your own without picking up the phone or hopping on a plane. For the hundreds of communities vying for your attention that is both amazing and concerning. It’s indicative of the pace of our new normal and the access we have to what we need exactly when we need it.

But rising right alongside this democratization of data and communication is also the desire for a highly customized experience, a higher level of service. A need for sherpas, concierges and curators to help guide the journey in selecting, investing in and growing in a particular place - to be a true partner in a company’s future. Standing out now means making sure that it’s not just about getting the deal down, it’s about supporting a company’s growth and long-term success once the ink is dried.

That evolution means the value that communities and economic development organizations bring must evolve as well. To dynamically show the soul of a place; to provide a deeper understanding of the existing talent pool and the capacity of the talent pipeline; to break down barriers for collaboration to recruit and grow a highly skilled workforce. Today it is about helping ensure the workforce of today meets the demands of the workplace of tomorrow. At the Boise Valley Economic Partnership (BVEP) we’ve improved our ability to deliver on the key assets of people and place by investing in global expertise, high-touch service and digital strategies to give your company the talent edge in our metro and the world.

Pulse of Place: Our editorial team supports the award-winning dynamic storytelling platform Grow.Ideas.Here that showcases the people, place and potential of the Boise Valley. With original posts and curated stories from across our Metro focused on growth, innovation and lifestyle, the platform brings to life the pulse of this place to support in talent recruitment. BVEP also provides expertise to local businesses in crafting customized marketing material for recruitment and place promotion.

Global Talent Acquisition Expertise: We expanded our team and enhanced our services this spring with the addition of Project and Strategy Manager Charity Nelson, who is responsible for developing and implementing new talent attraction programs to support local companies in their growth and assist companies that wish to open or expand here. Prior to joining BVEP, Charity spent more than a decade in Human Resources at Micron Technology, Inc. Her tenure at Micron included roles in recruiting, organizational effectiveness and talent acquisition strategy. She has experience in both domestic and global talent acquisition with skill sets ranging from manufacturing to specialized engineering. Led by Charity, our enhanced Talent Edge services include:

  • Talent Strategy Consultation: We can review or help build your talent acquisition strategy based on deep knowledge of the local workforce, effective recruiting strategies for the area/industry, non-local recruiting strategies/resources.
  • Wage and Benefits Evaluation and Consultation: We will provide information on local wages, benefit offerings and costs and workforce trends to help you understand how to be competitive in the local market.
  • Evaluation of Staffing Strategy and Introductions to “Best Fit” Staffing Resources: Based on your staffing plans, we can recommend the local staffing partners that may best meet your needs and make introductions to those agencies and individuals.
  • Connection to Community Talent Resources: Based on your specific needs, we can connect you to resources for employee training (technical schools), student hiring (college and universities) and consultants and moderate collaborative discussions to help develop your specific talent pipeline. 

Whether you consider it a battle or a war, the approach to finding and growing talent is the dominant driver of success in our world today and the foreseeable future. BVEP not only stands ready as a partner to support you in cultivating a comprehensive workforce development strategy, but in taking the lead on initiatives to give your company the talent edge. Want to learn more about our customized talent strategy? Reach out to Charity Nelson at


The "Grow. Ideas. Here." Team

Charity Nelson is a Boomerang Boisean who was raised in Idaho, and moved to Pennsylvania for college finishing her Bachelors and Masters Degree in Communication. She then returned to the Boise Valley and spent 10+ years in Human Resources at Micron Technology, a large technology company, specializing in national and global talent acquisition. 

Lisa Holland is a born and raised Boisean, with a Bachelors in Business and an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts. Fostering ideas and innovation is one of Lisa’s passions, and at BVEP, she has taken creative approaches to marketing and talent attraction through online tools like and

Fusing innovation and human resource expertise in our office has given the Boise Metro Region the ability to take companies looking for talent to the next level. We stand ready to answer workforce questions, advise companies on the best way to attract and retain talent in the market, and provide visual resources to help employers show prospective employees “Why Boise”. 

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