BVEP's Growing Again!


Grow - Our Team - And Ideas Here

In the Boise Valley, there’s a phrase that speaks to the quality of life that natives, boomerangs and transplants find so enticing here. It’s called the ‘lunch ride’. The ability to be head down working on the next innovation, deal or opportunity in the morning, and then lace up your hiking shoes or grab your mountain bike for an escape to the trails right outside your door over the lunch hour.

An appreciation for this asset draws unique and talented individuals to our community. Those with expertise and skill-sets that can hold their own anywhere, but choose to put their brainpower to work here in the growing Boise Valley.

Truly living up to our mantra of Grow. Ideas. Here. – I’m proud to share that we are growing our team once again with a focus on strengthening our expertise in workforce development and talent attraction. A team member with enthusiasm for the lunch-ride (and weekend exploration), along with quite a bit of workforce talent analysis and research chops on the side.


Meet our newest colleague Ethan Mansfield (and his sidekick Ruger). He may be a familiar face (Ethan, not Ruger) since we have long considered him part of our team. Ethan frequently brought depth of talent research, data analysis and context to our site selection process in his previous role as Regional Economist for the Idaho Department of Labor.


As our new Project and Research Manager, Ethan brings his passion for community and regional economics along with workforce solutions and demographics expertise to round out our unique team. Leading economic development groups nationwide continue to talk about the need for talent and workforce expertise. At BVEP, we walk the talk.

So whether it’s to help plan your lunch ride, or to dig into the talent assets and future workforce projections for our region – BVEP has you covered.  

Charity, Lisa, Ethan and I await your next call, email or visit. We will see you in the Boise Valley soon!

Clark Krause
Executive Director

Clark Krause
Executive Director
Mobile: 208-863-9675
Phone: 208-472-5230
Charity Nelson
Director of Economic Development
Mobile: 208-863-8521
Phone: 208-472-5240
Ethan Mansfield
Project & Research Manager
Mobile: 208-921-4686
Phone: 208-472-5246
250 S. 5th St.
Suite 300
Boise, Idaho 83702
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