Last 30 Days in the Metro: Top Rankings by Forbes, KPMG & Brookings Metro Monitor


In the past few weeks a series of reports and studies from highly regarded sources globally (KPMG, Brookings Institute & Forbes) have singled out the Boise Valley in three key areas:

  • Cost of doing business
    • KPMG: The Boise Metropolitan area is the third lowest-cost place to do business among the 15 largest cities in the Pacific U.S. and Canada and lowest in the Pacific U.S.
  • Recession recovery  
    • Brookings Institute:  The MetroMonitor lists Boise - "one of the knowledge capitals of the West" - as one of the Top 20 fastest-recovering cities by growth, employment and housing prices.
  • Family-friendly environment
    • Forbes: Of the 100 largest MSAs, Boise ranks #2 on Forbes list of Best Places to Raise a Family (based on median income, overall cost of living, housing affordability, commuting delays, percentage of families owning homes, crime rate and education quality)

As economic development drivers – these areas of differentiation are crucial.  The fact that the recognition is based on quantitative data and research further bolsters the credibility of the recognition. Below are links to additional information:


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