Recreation Technology

RecTechCoverThumbnail.pngLauded as one of America’s best outdoor towns by national publications such as Outside Magazine, National Geographic and Men’s Health, the Boise Valley offers many opportunities for recreational product businesses.

The outdoor recreation industry generates about $154 million in annual tax revenue for Idaho, produces about $2.2 billion a year in retail sales and services and employs 37,000 Idahoans in the rec-tech sector.

The Boise Valley maintains a strong network of people who know how to integrate technology and electronics into product development. As a region, the Valley has a wealth of knowledge in mechanical and industrial design, engineering, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, and other professional resources.

From high-end bike components to outdoor apparel, river gear to eyewear, Boise and Sun Valley are home to dozens of companies focused on enhancing the outdoor lifestyle.  Click here to download the Recreational Technology brochure and learn more.

Kristin Armstrong & Husband Joe Savola,
Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist & Entrepreneurs

The Boise Valley is home to three-time Olympic Medalist Kristin Armstrong and her husband Joe Savola, co-founder of K-EDGE Cycling Solutions.  Armstrong has three Olympic Gold Medals in the Time Trial (2008, 2012,2016), two World Titles, five National Championships and is the most decorated female cyclist in US history.  Her Olympic career created a vision for her and her husband to become entrepreneurs.  Click here to read their story, or watch the video below to learn about their manufacturing company (K-EDGE Cycling Solutions) in Boise, ID.

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