Oct 30, 2018
Clark Krause

It's why we do what we do.

Growth can’t be taken for granted. And the opposite – stagnation and decline – is something we all can agree we don’t want our metro to experience. Not for ourselves and our businesses, and especially not for our kids and their future here. We want more for our community. So do the companies, organizations and individuals that partner with BVEP.

That’s why we do what we do. To ensure prosperity and forward momentum in our region. That means never taking our eye off the future and what opportunities we need to bring here to sustain smart and diverse growth. Growth that benefits all aspects of our community and all those who call it home. Growth that supports an economy that is sustainable during the good times and the tough times.

To do so, we market our metro and all its potential to those who believe what we do – that there is benefit in creating and supporting value-added jobs, diversification of jobs under rooftops, and investment in our community’s infrastructure and opportunities.

That trifecta of diversification, value-added jobs and investment is the foundation for the resiliency we strive for in the Boise Metro. To preserve, expand and strengthen what we already have.

By diversifying business rooftops – broadening out the types of companies, industries and jobs located here – we help our region prepare to weather the inevitable next dip in the economy and ensure that people of all backgrounds and experiences have a variety of opportunities to improve their lives. Broadening our industry base provides more choices for the talented people who call this place home by offering them new and different career paths to meet their ambition, dreams and curiosity. It gives those who grew up here more reasons to stay; and for those who left, reasons to return home and continue their careers where they have roots.

Pursuing and supporting value-added jobs – ones that make products or provide services that are exported outside of our region, state or country – creates wealth that stays local and contributes to an economic multiplier effect across the community.

We are bringing jobs to those who live here, and investment to the neighborhoods they call home. New and growing companies expand our tax base, contribute to our infrastructure, become part of our philanthropic ecosystem, and infuse our metro with energy, creativity and ideas. These companies expanding or moving here are interested in being part of what made this place great, not changing what made it attractive in the first place. They are committed to growing alongside us as our neighbors, employers and leaders.

If you see the benefit in bringing quality jobs and a diversity of businesses to our metro, if you recognize the importance of supporting infrastructure and opportunities in our cities, and if you are passionate about playing a role in what the future of the Boise Metro will look like – join us as a partner.