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Regional Overview

Variable Boise Metro How It Compares Interesting Fact
Population 709,850 The Boise Metro is the 80th largest metro in the US. Boise is larger than 4 of every 5 metro areas in the US. It is the 3rd largest metro area in the Northwest.
Population Change
19,040 Boise Metro Rate = 2.8%
US Rate = 0.7%
The Boise Metro was the 2nd fastest growing metro area over the past year. It was the fastest-growing metro area outside of Florida. (Top 100 Metros)
Population Change
91,870 Boise Metro Rate = 15.1%
US Rate = 5.5%
The Boise Metro was the 9th fastest growing metro between 2010 and 2017. (Top 100 Metros; 7th excl FL metros)
Median Age 36.4 US Median = 38.1 The Boise Metro is over a year and a half younger than the Nation.
Labor Force (those working or looking for a job) 354,400 Boise Metro LF participation rate = 64.1%
US Rate = 63.2%
Over one-third of the workforce is employed in Professional Service Occupations.
Labor Force Change
6,042 Boise Metro Rate = 1.7%
US Rate = 1.4%
In the past 12 months, the Labor Force growth in the Boise Metro was over 20 percent faster than the national average.
Net Migration (1-year) 14,880 The Boise Metro had the 5th fastest rate of domestic migration of large metros in the US. (Top 100 metros; 1st excl FL metros) 78% of out-of-state net migration was made up of people under 50. One-third was made up of 20-30 year olds.
Net Migration (7-year) 56,320 The Boise Metro had the 8th fastest rate of domestic migration of Large Metros in the US (Top 100 metros; 4th excl FL metros) Last year, the Boise Metro experienced more net migration than in any year since the recession.
Average Wage $21.07 US Average = $24.35 The average wage in the Boise Metro is 87 percent of the national average.
Some College Education or Above 64% US Share = 61% The Boise Metro has a higher share of people over 25 years old with at least some college than the US average.

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