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Consistently in the top ten metros for in-migration, the Boise Metro is undoubtedly on the short list for cool places to relocate - and you can bring the whole family along. New graduates, young families and retirees have all found the good life here.

It feels like all eyes are on the Boise Metro as a great place to move, but those graduating from Idaho colleges and universities see it as a great place to stay, too. Our metro is in the top 10 for retaining college graduates, even in specific sectors like technology where Boise State’s computer science program retains 95 percent of in-demand grads.

We’re proud of the 355,000 dynamic individuals that make up our workforce. The best part is, these people sincerely love to live here. We invite you to give them a job they will love, too.

Workforce Distribution

While the unemployment rate in the Boise Metro remains low, signifying economic health, the workforce is expanding at a rate that supports new business growth. This is exemplified by an economy that is adding jobs at twice the national rate. Clearly, successful business expansions are following the flow of talent into the region. We want to help your business be one of these success stories.

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