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The Boise Valley Economic Partnership (BVEP) is driven by a partnership of communities, institutions, chamber organizations and businesses in the area. BVEP offers free, customized, confidential services and site location assistance to businesses and entrepreneurs interested in relocating, starting up, or expanding in the Boise Valley. In the past six plus years, our organization has welcomed more than 30 companies and over 6,000 jobs to the Boise Metro. We work to keep, grow and attract jobs for the region.

Why we do...
- To ensure the prosperity of our region. New and growing companies expand our tax base, contribute to our infrastructure, become part of our philanthropic ecosystem, and infuse our metro with energy, creativity and ideas
- To weather the inevitable next dip in the economy. So that people of all backgrounds and experiences have a variety of opportunities to improve their lives
- Create jobs for those who live here. Giving those who grew up here more reasons to stay; and for those who left, reasons to return home and continue their careers
- To broaden industry base. Diversification of jobs under rooftops, and investment in our community’s infrastructure and opportunities








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Mike Brown Group Realty

Mike Brown and his talented team of Boise REALTORS® at The Mike Brown Group have over 80 years of combined real estate experience (and counting) in the Boise and Treasure Valley, Idaho area.