About Us

Boise Valley Economic Partnership (BVEP) is driven by a partnership of communities, institutions, chamber organizations and businesses in the area. BVEP offers free, customized, confidential services and site location assistance to businesses and entrepreneurs interested in relocating, starting up, or expanding in the Boise Valley. In the past nine plus years, our organization has welcomed more than 40 companies and over 10,000 jobs to the Boise Metro. We work to keep, grow and attract jobs for the region.

Why we do...
- Ensure prosperity in good times and bad
- Create jobs for those who live here
- Broaden industry base

New and growing companies create jobs and infuse our metro with creativity, philanthropy, ideas, and infrastructure.

What We Know

Just like we believe you need to breathe the air and walk the streets to truly know a place, we know you don’t truly know a person until you get a peek into how they think.

BVEP's Annual Economic Summit, our only public event of the year, first kicked off in 2017. With attendance now over 600 people, BVEP’s Annual Economic Summit brings together the Boise Valley’s top business leaders for a dive into Boise Metro’s economy- what’s working and what is not, to grow business. Stay tuned to our Events page for details about the upcoming summit. View the 2019 Summit footage below.

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